“Wacky Wacky Wacky”: And Yet Lacks Wack

Blue Mink is a British musical group that enjoyed 6 Top 20 hits in the UK from 1969-1973 but only one chart appearance (“Our World” #64) here in the US.  I had assumed from the appearance of their #9 UK hit “Randy” on K-Tel 1973 hits album, Fantastic 22 Original Hits 22 Original Stars, that maybe this winsome Wings-like pop rocker had enjoyed some American radio airplay, but the song – I’m surprised to learn – failed to chart here.  K-Tel's Fantastic 22 Original Hits LPEMI would issue “Randy” as a single in the UK, Ireland, Netherlands, Germany, Spain & New Zealand — but not in the Americas.  K-Tel, therefore, would be the sole American distributor for this one particular Blue Mink track, “Randy.”

K-Tel’s version (it defies belief) is actually a shortened version of the song that fades out ever so tantalizingly around the 2-minute mark, just as twin guitars take joyously to flight — my American ears are still adjusting to the “extended” instrumental solo & other final bits:

Blue Mink comprised top-tier London studio musicians – Roger Coulam (keyboards), Madeline Bell (vox), Herbie Flowers (bass), Alan Parker (guitar) & Barry Morgan (drums).  Vocalist Roger Cook wrote the group’s songs with Roger Greenaway.

The previous year Blue Mink had released a single “Wacky Wacky Wacky” that was surprisingly restrained for a song that all but advertised hilarity and hijinks.  This 1972 UK television appearance is the only form in which this overlooked single resides on YouTube:

“Wacky Wacky Wacky”     Blue Mink     1972

Blue Mink:  Active Supporter of Independent UK Radio

Blue Mink performed the jingle (written by Cook/Greenaway – arranged by George Martin) for early UK independent – Capital Radio – who first went on the air October 16, 1973 with (1) the British national anthem, “God Save the Queen”; followed by (2) a message from station director, Richard Attenborough; (3) then Blue Mink’s Capital Radio jingle; followed by (4) Simon & Garfunkel’s “Bridge Over Troubled Water” [Capital Radio’s first commercial was for Bird’s Eye fish fingers].

German 45

Blue Mink German 45 sleeve