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1965 Belongs to Gary Lewis & the Playboys

Hard to believe this song was a B-side — hopefully, Liberty Records won’t make that mistake again:

I Won’t Make That Mistake Again

Gary Lewis & The Playboys (1965)

The A-side – “She’s Just My Style” – was part of an incredible run of commercial success:  the band’s fifth consecutive Top Ten hit of 1965.  “I Won’t Make That Mistake Again” was included on 1966’s She’s Just My Style LP.  In 1975, “I Won’t Make That Mistake Again” would serve as the B-side to “My Heart’s A Symphony” in the UK, New Zealand & Germany.

Along with The Lovin’ Spoonful, Gary Lewis & the Playboys, are one of only two acts whose first seven single releases all reached Top Ten (not counting “Doin’ the Flake” – a Kellogg’s Corn Flakes promotional release – which didn’t chart).

45 picture sleeve


Can you spot the typo?


As Ray Shasho points out in The Examiner —

1965 became a momentous year for Gary Lewis & The Playboys. “This Diamond Ring” sold over one million copies and became a gold disc.  Cash Box Magazine named Gary Lewis “Male Vocalist of the Year,” and a string of hits just kept on coming.  The Playboy’s second hit single “Count Me In” reached #2 on the charts.  The band continued to churn out the hits with “Save Your Heart for Me” (#2 Billboard Hot 100 Hit), “Everybody Loves a Clown” (#4 Billboard Hot 100 Hit) and “She’s Just My Style” (#3 Billboard Hot 100 Hit).

Limited edition promotional party platter

Gary Lewis record bowl

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  1. Now, even if some of these “hits” weren’t written by the band itself, something that was common in those days (like the Monkees), one has to admit that this is just incredible, especially since they were going head to head against the British invasion.

    These were my growing up years and I can say that their music was a cherished part of it. My parents bought me a small Realtone (Radio Shack) portable transistor radio for Christmas, an early predecessor to the boom box, and I carried it with me most everywhere I went.

    I still greatly enjoy bringing up their old Ed Sullivan show appearances and just groovin’ out on a quiet evening.

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