Tommy Tedesco’s Twangin’ Guitar

The 2008 documentary, The Wrecking Crew – a celebration of the (often unnamed) studio musicians that played on a great many radio hits of the 1960s and 70s – is on tour and coming to a town near me.

Tommy Tedesco     Twangin’ Twelve Great Hits     1962

Twangin' with Tedesco-cover-1Twangin' with Tedesco-cover-2

Tommy Tedesco, “the most famous guitarist you’ve never heard of,”  has played on countless rock, pop, television & film soundtrack recording dates.  One of Tedesco’s earliest albums as a solo artist – Twangin’ Twelve Great Hits from 1962 – would appear to be an attempt by Tommy to give Duane Eddy a run for his money:

“Exodus”     Tommy Tedesco     1962

How fun to see the Tedesco closes an album of older standards with a classic string bender — “Rebel Rouser” — from the original twang master (actually, Eddy in collaboration with Lee Hazlewood).

When Earth Tones Ruled

Tommy Tedesco at NAMM with Dale Zdenek & Joe Diorio

Tommy Tedesco

“Licks Off of Records”: The Fact Is, I’m This Good Because I Practice

Martin Mull, along with The Gong Show, Rocky Horror and Monty Python, made the 1970s rather zany — a word I would not use to describe the present-day.  “Licks Off of Records” is a classic Martin Mull lyric:

Song was originally released on 1973’s Martin Mull and His Fabulous Furniture in Your Living Room album.

Martin Mull LP

Tommy Tedesco = Ex-Con?

Wacky clip of Martin Mull from the Fernwood Tonight television show singing a song about noses — with sublime support from master session musician, Tommy Tedesco, who Mull jokingly asserts, learned his guitar chops while incarcerated: