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"This Is the Shortest Song in the World"

Brevity in Pop: Know When to Fold

These (short) songs clearly run the risk of leaving listeners wanting more: “Wildcat Run”     Red Sovine    1966    (1:20) “Some Kinda Earthquake”     Duane Eddy     1959     (1:17) “You Tell Me”     Johnny Cash     1959     (1:17) “Revellion”     The Revels     1962     (1:14) “Oh Claire”      Cheap Trick     1978    

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“Happy Tracks”: Universal Code of Conduct?

Here’s a lyric that I wish everybody would use as their spiritual guidepost:  “Happy Tracks” by Ray Pennington – I particularly like this 1967 version by The Browns: Musicians on this album include Weldon Myrick on steel, David Briggs on piano, and Jerry Reed & Wayne Moss on guitars. From

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