A-Z Topical Overview

Selected topical categories in alphabetical order: 8-Track Only http://www.zeroto180.org/?cat=552 African Pop http://www.zeroto180.org/?cat=762 Animation in Popular Music http://www.zeroto180.org/?cat=1464 Art Rock http://www.zeroto180.org/?cat=666 B-Side as Anti-A-Side http://www.zeroto180.org/?cat=308 Bagpipes in Popular Music http://www.zeroto180.org/?cat=1623 Bakersfield Sound http://www.zeroto180.org/?cat=117 Baltimore in Song http://www.zeroto180.org/?cat=1004 Bass-centric Recordings http://www.zeroto180.org/?cat=1410 Bats … Continue reading

“Capricorn Flight”: It’s the Bass II

As with Waylon Jennings‘ deeply-felt “Abilene” or Ruby Wright’s surprisingly bass-centric  “Adios Aloha,” one cannot but feel alarmed by the depth of bottom in the opening synth notes of this charmingly analog production – recorded at Cincinnati’s Counterpart Studios, with … Continue reading