This music history blog celebrates studio songcraft while also serving as a spotlight that draws attention to deserving artists — as well as songwriters, musicians, producers, engineers, arrangers, label owners, and the like — who have not received their proper historical recognition.  A vehicle for “pop music social justice,” Zero to 180 also functions as a forum for examining the “old fogie roots of modern rock” in all its facets.

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    • Hey, “Connie”:
      Doesn’t everyone know that pop songs, by law, are not permitted to exceed three minutes in length?
      And why’d you call me a knucklehead?

  1. Got a few more Baltimore songs if you’d like to add to the list…
    A few may be versions of ones already on the list, but you choose…

    A Baltimore Love Thing – 50 Cent
    Back In Baltimore – Danny Bryant
    Baltimore – Caleb and Saleem
    Baltimore – Lee Ritenour
    Baltimore – Matthew Sweet
    Baltimore – Nina Simone
    Baltimore – Robbie & Sly
    Baltimore – Roy Buchanan
    Baltimore Clipper – Otis Read
    Baltimore Eviction – Roy Wood Jr.
    Baltimore Fire – Nick Kroes
    Baltimore Knot – Banner Pilot
    Baltimore Oriole – Bob Dorough
    Baltimore Oriole – George Harrison
    Baltimore’s Fireflies – Woodkid
    Dear Baltimore – Carter’s Chord
    Doing Time In Baltimore – Caleb Stein
    Girl From Baltimore – The Fleshtones
    Heavy Metal’s Alive In Baltimore – The Huntingtons
    Lady Came From Baltimore – Johnny Cash
    Oh Baltimore – Mullyman
    Oh B-more Anthem – Bossman
    Streets of Baltimore – Gram Parsons
    Streets of Baltimore – O’Malley’s March
    Tomorrow Night In Baltimore – Kenny Price

  2. I saw your question about Gladys Knochelman and her writing credit on a couple on James Brown’s albums. She was my great grandmother, I can give you some info about her.

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