“Whatever Happened to Us”: You Broke My Proverbial Heart

While Loudon Wainwright III may not be known as a “rocker,” this track from his 1975 album, Unrequited, rocks along most satisfyingly and contains a lyric with enough comical force for it to officially merit the designation “Humor & Satire“:

So many great lines, where to begin?

Whatever happened to you, whatever happened to us?

We missed the proverbial boat, the plane and the train and the bus.

Push came to shove, we fell out of love, we tore each other apart.

Love is grand, but I can’t understand why you broke my proverbial heart.

“Whatever Happened to Us” was recorded at Albert Grossman’s Bearsville recording studio on June 28, 1974 and features the musicianship of Marty Grebb, Jon Hall, Freebo, and Messrs Brooks (Harvey) and Crooks (Richard).  Unrequited would be Wainwright’s final album for almighty Columbia, who did not see fit to release any singles from this LP, despite the top-40 success of “Dead Skunk” (produced by Thomas Jefferson Kaye).

Loudon LPOf course, with Loudon the humor, dark as might be, never really stops, particularly on the album’s final track, the title of which I can repeat on a family-friendly blog such as this one — although I urge you to look for yourself and consider the fact that his then infant son would later gain musical fame on a scale that would rival, if not eclipse, his father’s own, a Shakespearian outcome that perhaps (though probably not) might also qualify as ironic.  Or at the very least, the concept for a Loudon Wainwright III song.