“Weather Report”: Play the Simon & Garfunkel Game

Here’s a fun game – a public service of Zero to 180 – you can play with a group of friends:

  1. Get a time piece (or watch with a second hand)
  2. Click the triangle below to play “Weather Report” by The Tennors.
  3. Make note of how much time elapses before the first person in the room correctly identifies the Simon & Garfunkel song being covered/adapted by The Tennors.
  4. Optional:  wage bets prior to playing the game.

An Exceptionally Brief History Behind the Song

The Tennors, who enjoyed a big hit in Jamaica in 1968 with “Ride Yu Donkey” on their own Tennors label, released “Hopeful Village” on Duke Reid’s Treasure Isle label in 1970 — and then returned to Treasure Isle three years later to record “Weather Report.”

Tennors 45