“Heaven Knows”: Good Lord, Literally

Just stumbled upon a (potential) piece of God Pop that somehow evaded me – 1969’s “Heaven Knows” from the Grass Roots:

Heaven Knows – The Grass Roots

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Who, it begs questioning, is the object of the singer’s affections:  flesh and blood — or   The Holy Father?   “Every time we’re together, your love is movin’ like lightnin’ through me; it’s such a beautiful feeling:  never hearing goodbye said to me” could just as easily be interpreted as a poetic reference to the Lord’s infinite capacity for love — especially when followed by the chorus, “Oh Lord, Heaven knows how much I love You, how much it shows.  Oh Lord, Heaven knows.”

It is entirely possible that Harvey Price and Dan Walsh, the song’s tunesmiths, were on the leading edge of a new era of spiritual consciousness in the pop marketplace and therefore crafted a message that would resonate equally as strong for secular as well as religious audiences.

The song hit its Top 40 peak – Billboard (#24) & Cash Box (#13) – on December 27, 1969.

Heaven Knows 45

Released in the US on ABC/Dunhill — in the UK on Stateside/Dunhill & distributed by EMI.